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Fox News anchors who can always find domestic violence funny

(Take the stairs and you won't get knocked out)

“The message is, take the stairs,” host Brian Kilmeade chuckled, after implicitly blaming both Janay Rice and Rihanna for their past abuses at the hands of their respective partners. Lucky for Kilmeade, his co-host Steve Doocy was there to correct him. “The message,” Doocy said through a smirk, “is when you’re in an elevator, there’s a camera.”

Striping women of their rights with zero regard to scientific facts

(The 5-4 Vote on Hobby Lobby)

"When the ACA rolled out, right-wing commenters claimed that Democratic women wanted daddy Obama to cover their “slut pills” and reproductive rights advocates went to great pains to explain that, no, they merely wanted the insurance industry regulated to have a more up-to-date, gender equitable definition of “preventative care.”"

The systematic killing of black men in america and our ambivalence to it

(The Killing of Black Men in America)

"The way I translate Rev. Lee's generous invitation is 'show up.' White people need to get off the computer and get involved with our voices, feet, votes and resources to help make sure that this epidemic of black deaths in America ends. This is not a 'black problem,' it is an American problem and it will take all of us working together to solve it."

People who use the Confederate flag as "Southern Pride"

(Psst it's a horrific reminder of human slavery/racism)

"The Confederate battle flag has also been appropriated by the Ku Klux Klan and other racist hate groups. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, more than 500 extremist groups use the Southern Cross as one of their symbols."

Things that I do not care for