​​Places I've Been to:

  • Lyon
  • Dublin
  • Rome
  • Belize
  • Bermuda
  • Madrid

Things that I dislike: 

  • Systematic killing of black men in America
  • Fat & Slut Shaming
  • Auto-correct
  • Manspreading
  • Violence against women
  • Mayonaise
Things that I like:




The Miss Sara Jane

                                                                                     Baker, embroider, activist, musician, feminist, liberal, queer, femme, and so much more

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Yeah, you found my page! I'm Sara Jane: a domestic thirty-something scuba-certified social-justice-crusading crafty mother of cat (singular) queer high femme who is proud to be a capable self-aware intersectional feminist surviving daily life in NYC since mid-2006. 

When I'm not working at my day job in Midtown or volunteering for amazing organizations like Media Masters Alliance (Media MA)NYAAF ,  Stop Telling Women To Smile,  Third Wave Fund, or others, ​I pass my time by baking, embroidering, traveling, sewing, listening to every podcast I can, trying to decide where my next tattoo will go, learning to check my privilege (via doing more listening than speaking when I'm in spaces with people who are systemically ignored, oppressed, silenced, and marginalized), working on my little side project Femmebroidery, secretly listening to Taylor Swift, trying to beat people at canasta, teaching myself to code, killing houseplants, failing at dating, and most days, just trying to stay alive. 

I reside in Manhattan with my cat, Oscar, and an obscene amount of kitchen wares. ​

Check these out!

Oscar the cat


My newest fun bit is doing some lovely things with the people over at Section ii.  

Also, I'll be at F.A.D. weekend in August! Details to come later!

And as if biking the Mountauk Century (all 108 miles) in May was not enough, I'm do a

Mini-Triathlon in August with some awesome friends!  Go Us!!